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      Goox is mainly engaged in the R & D, production, sales and service of vibration and noise reduction products.
      Focusing on the development of shock absorption and vibration isolation, on the one hand, through continuous investment and construction, the company has continuously strengthened its core competence in marketing, technology research and development, manufacturing, brand building, investment and financing operation, and has its own marketing network, independent R & D center, testing center, and core product manufacturing factory; on the other hand, the company focuses on building trade, industry, technology, and manufacturing enterprises The talent team with the combination of investment and financing innovates and promotes the reconstruction of the company's organizational structure, management system, corporate culture and information system, and builds a solid foundation for the quality and sustainable development of the enterprise.
      In the field of polymer composite modified materials, Gaoxiang systematically integrates key rubber material preparation, rubber material formulation and processing technology, insulation structure and material synthesis modification technology, engineering plastics synthesis modification and application technology, fiber reinforced composite material synthesis modification technology, and new high-performance polymer composite application technology, and has mastered a variety of original polymer composite modification technologies, New polymer material processing technology has made a breakthrough in polymer composite modification. The polymer composite modified products produced by Gaoxiang new material are widely used in rail transit, rolling stock, wind power generation, mechanical equipment, medical devices and other fields.
     Looking forward to the future, innovation and transcendence, we have the courage to take responsibility and are committed to becoming a good corporate citizen.
     We focus on the demand insight and efficient satisfaction in the field of shock absorption and isolation, drive the continuous upgrading of products, technologies and services with rapid response ability, reliable product quality and innovative mode, and build solutions covering spring shock absorption, rubber shock absorption and wire rope shock absorption. Become a good partner!
     We create, explore and build. We integrate the world, we achieve our dreams.
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